World of Warcraft and the Mystery of Jenafur (Solved!)

One of the draws of World of Warcraft has for me is the sheer amount of non-standard content you can do. By this I mean things like collecting mounts and battle pets, exploring etc. WoW literally has thousands of mounts and pets to collect, with some more difficult than others.

Jenafur is one such battle pet that has been proving very difficult to acquire, until now.

A person going by the handle PaulyTark has finally solved the puzzles allowing Jenafur to be unlocked, and what’s even more amazing about this achievement is that they’re not even a WoW player! In their own words, PaulyTark is just really into puzzle solving and was drawn into this puzzle by his WoW-playing friend.

You can read more here about PaulyTark’s journey to solving the Jenafur puzzle. It makes for a fascinating read!

If you want to unlock this battle pet for yourself then check out Wowhead’s guide to unlocking Jenafur.

Or if you’d prefer a video, check out YouTuber Hazel Nutty‘s guide below: