Will ESO Plus join the Xbox Game Pass family?

Up until now Xbox Game pass has provided limited access to ESO (prior to the recent Microsoft acquisition of Zenimax). ESO’s website continues to state:

With Xbox Game Pass, you will get access to The Elder Scrolls Online and the Morrowind Chapter. It also includes 10% off all Crown Pack purchases in the Xbox Game store as long as The Elder Scrolls Online is part of the Xbox Game Pass library.

ESO Plus membership is not included. (Last updated 15/09/20)

This is already a fairly generorous package, but with the way Microsoft are approaching games as a service could we be seeing ESO Plus included in the already insanely good value Xbox/PC Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass Offerings

I was an early adopter of PC game pass, and I still cannot believe the amount of AAA and indie games that are on offer as part of the package’s rotation!

ESO Plus Perks

The pricing for ESO can get a bit complicated and frankly I don’t want to completely bore you to death. Essentially, if you are paying for a monthly subscription it will cost you £8.99 on PC/Xbox and £9.99 on Playstation.

Why do I make this comparison?

Prediction: Will Microsoft move ESO Plus to the Xbox Game Subscription?

Let’s look at the figures and any facts we can gather. Microsoft wants as many gamers subscribing to their games as a service offering, they really don’t care how many Xbox’s they sell. What matters is the constantly replenishing piles of gold arriving each month that sit nicely next to the cash rich vaults of plunder that Microsoft have worked so hard to amount (Sea of Thieves reference anyone)!

With this being said, imagine the reaction of a die hard ESO PS4 player who is paying £9.99 a month when they read on reddit how amazing it is that anyone on Xbox and PC has just saved £8.99 a month instantly?! Could this be enough to sway a PS player to move over to the PC/Xbox infrastructure? Well when you take into account you can have an Xbox subscription combined with a monthly payment towards a shiny new towering Xbox Series X, then yes, I think this could be another part of Microsofts epic long game winning strategy to dominate the next generation.

Sure but….Elder Scrolls, who cares?!

Yeah…good one! ESO is the third biggest MMO, shadowed only by WoW and FFXIV with approx 14.6 million overall players (c. 700,000 active players).

Noviams opinion: Yep, I think Microsoft would be smart to offer ESO plus as part of their game pass, but perhaps only in their ultimate offering. Let’s see!