STL ToneHub Josh Middleton Preset Pack – Absolute Filth

The Background:

If you’re savvy in the finicky realms of modern metal, you’ve most likely heard the name Josh Middleton thrown about here and there, and for damn good reason.
Guitarist / vocalist for Sylosis, guitarist for Architects, and now mixing engineer extraordinaire, his talents know no bounds at this point.

In recent years, Josh has moved into the meticulous realms of mixing, being credited for both his solo albums, and more recently and notably, the new Sylosis album – Cycle Of Suffering.

After pumping out 3 separate Kemper Profile packs, which are also killer, it’s safe to say the guy knows his gear, and more importantly, what to do with it.

If you’re looking for crushing high gain tones from pretty much every sought after amp in modern metal, this is the pack for you.

There’s 95 presets provided in the pack and straight off the bat, you’re met with brutality and SCARILY accurate modelling.

The Amp section:

  • Peavy 6505
  • Peavy 6505 +
  • Peavy 5150 Block Letter
  • Peavy XXX (Which is disgustingly beautiful)
  • Fender EVH 5150
  • Fender EVH 5150 III Stealth
  • Prs Archon
  • MESA Boogie Dual Rectifier
  • Krank Krankenstein
  • Marshall JVM410
  • Diezel VH4
  • Laney GH100L (Highly underrated amplifier btw)
  • Framus Cobra (Early New England sound, and it’s massive)

Safe to say there’s no shortage of variation on the amp front.

The Cab Section:

  • MESA 4×12 ‘s (mixture of Angled and Oversized)
  • Marshall 1960b4 4×12
  • Soldano 4×12
  • Matchless 2×12

Impulses included the pack are insane, but I experimented with disabling the IR loader and used some OWNHAMMER REVO packs, can confirm that the amp sections hold up regardless.

Tried And Tested:

After messing with the plugin for a day or 2, i’ve found that the mass majority of the presets are almost mix ready, save a few of the 6505 and Dual Rectifier presets, which need a little 3-7k treatment.

Im not the biggest fan of where the high mids sit on at least half of the sounds, but thats my taste in amps talking.

The stand out sounds for me are by far the XXX, The Archon, and the Framus. Most especially the XXX. It’s sounds as raw and filty as it would in the room and exudes pure dirt as far as im concerned.


I’m not a massive fan of how the GUI of the ToneHub actually operates, as I find it a little clunky at times. What I do like, however, is the ToneHub’s focus on the player.
I’ve found that most of these newfound amp sims are heavily focused on the mixing engineer and not the player themselves, this is most definitely not the case in this instance.

The power amp simulation on the ToneHub itself is amazing, the sagging is immaculate and the soak you feel under the palm mutes its ridiculous.
It genuinely feels like you’ve got a set of red hot tubes on the other end of your strings, which is a breathe of fresh air in a market full of nasty 4k-6k heavy replicas.

It’s worth noting that the global update to STL tone hub includes 2 new pedals to the stomp section, a 1 knob OD stomp (which i can only assume to be modelled on a Fortin 33), and a 6 band GR EQ.

All in all? If you’re looking for filthy, unadulterated high gain tones and the end of a mouse click, buy this. STL offer a free 1 week trial of the ToneHub along with ALL of their preset packs.

Try them. You wont regret a second of it.