Mythgard – A free to play digital card game with fair monetization

Mythgard, a free to play digital collectible card game from developer Rhino Games, has been released on Steam and is getting very positive reviews.

Steam user Cpt_Heda had this to say in their review:

As an avid TCG/CCG player for 10+ years my time in mythgard has been very enjoyable. The game takes a fresh and interesting approach for the layout of the board and resource management.

Inspired by works such as Harry Potter, American Gods, and True Blood, Mythgard mixes fantasy with the real world where dragons fight with planes to dominate the skies.

There are many games of this type on Steam but what caught my eye about this one is its generous monetization. The developers promise that every card in the game can be earned for free, and according to Rhino Games’ economy post on Reddit you will be able to earn 157 packs in 6 months just from completing your daily missions and getting your weekly reward chest.

Cpt_Heda also had this to say about the game’s monetization:

The game also has a generous f2p model , with daily quests, good sportsmanship rewards and a weekly chests unlocked by playing the game and obtaining gems, makes the gathering of a collection in a decent amount of time. Also there are feature decks, created by high skilled players that you can borrow and play the pvp/pve game modes even if you don’t own the cards, this helps out new players into being able to play in a competitive manner and steer them into a expanding their collection quicker.

You are also guaranteed to not receive a duplicate mythic card.

Furthermore, a deck in Mythgard can only contain one ‘mythic’, the rarest and most expensive card. Many other digital CCGs do not have such restrictions, with their decks potentially costing a lot of money.

The game also has a PvE campaign, puzzle modes, draft and constructed, ranked, and even 2v2 modes – something for everyone!

One of the reasons why I stopped playing Hearthstone was because of just how expensive it became.  I would spend hundreds of pounds and tens of thousands of coins on new packs each expansion but would not even have enough to put more than a couple of decks together. Taking a break from the game also made this worse because you would have several expansions worth of cards to buy in order to be competitive. It just became too much for me.

But perhaps Mythgard can change all that and influence other developers to weaken their aggressive monetization approaches.

I intend to give this game some of my time and will be giving my review in the next couple of weeks.

For now, check out the launch trailer and give it a look on Steam.