Dreamhaven – A new games studio by Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime

Mike Morhaime, a Blizzard co-founder, has announced his new games studio Dreamhaven, which comprises of multiple studios.

Dreamhaven’s current studios are Moonshot and Secret Door.


Moonshot’s studio page does not list any games in development, however shares some images and notes on their approach to development.

Whilst scrolling down their page I got a real vibe of the old Myst games, but with a design flair akin to World of Warcraft.

I loved Myst, and its sequel Riven, so a game of that style but with WoW’s visuals would be amazing.

Secret Door

Secret Door’s studio page gives off a very different vibe: there is more of an emphasis on retro, smaller games.

They also mention board games as one of the types they are interested in, so perhaps this studio will not just be focusing on the digital but perhaps also the physical?

Dreamhaven’s vision

Dreamhaven’s About page talks about allowing their studios to be independent, and agile. They also talk about creating vibrant worlds, and empowering their developers.

I am not sure exactly what games we will be seeing from these studios, however one thing is for certain: the people behind Dreamhaven have decades of experience in launching big AAA games, so whatever we see from them I imagine will be great.