Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Season 6 brings fast travel subway

Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s season 6 is now available for download, and with it comes the subway system that allows users to fast travel around the Warzone map.

The official website describes the subway:

At one of a number of open Metro stations around the city, squads can move underground via staircases to find potential item spawns all the way to that station’s platform. Once there, squads can catch a ride on a subway train, which will whisk them off to the next station in seconds.

The subway exit spots should prove to be a good camping spot for those looking for easy targets, so it will be interesting to see just how much use the subway will get.

Season 6 also brings in new multiplayer maps, a new multiplayer mode, a finishing move that includes a vampire bat, and a limited time Halloween-themed mode.

See the official season 6 roadmap below:

See you in Verdansk!