Angry gamers fight back against RTX3080 scalpers

Nvidia’s RTX3000 series went on sale on 17 September 2020, but all available cards were immediately sold out, with many bought by scalpers looking for a quick resell on eBay.

Incensed by the practice, gamers decided to fight back by placing ridiculously high bids on the cards with no intention of fulfilling the purchase.

Although it’s fun to think that these scalpers will have a load of unsellable cards on their hands, it does bring a serious problem into the spotlight: people using automated software (bots) to buy as many new products as possible for the sole purpose of reselling for a profit.

Nvidia told they they apologized to gamers who could not buy a card and stated they would be manually reviewing orders to help prevent the issue.

But the question remains: why is Nvidia even allowing more than one card per customer? Granted, a savvy scalper could use multiple names and addresses to get around this issue, but surely it would at the very least reduce some scalpers?